Kindness starts with this most urgent issue of our time – immigration – but one of a very personal journey that considers the full intersectionality of the main character. The lead character Elena, is not a ubiquitous mass crowd that risks everything on a hazardous journey but rather one who has already started her new life. Elena attempts to save her job and her compassion, generating a conflict that collides her inner fragility with the destructiveness of external forces and events.

Infused with an urgency to talk about social injustice, corruption and discrimination leading to some of the major social issues that faced today including immigration, economic inequality, gender and race issues. My working method includes extensive field research and interviews with low paid immigrant workers and union reps in Athens, including studies of body language and mannerisms. I utilize compelling genuine stories and news references as inspiration for developing the characters and situations.

Kindness is a character drama with a strong female lead. It is a film about human relationships within a precarious and changing socioeconomic environment. It is about understanding Elena's story as a proposition to ask difficult questions about the ethics of contemporary displacement and immigration. It is a question of whether love alone can save us or tear us apart, or is potentially just another obstacle in our struggle for survival.


Stefanos Tsivopoulos is a Greek-Iranian artist and filmmaker living and working between Amsterdam, Athens and New York. His works often result from a long-term research into historical films and photographic archives; typified by a poetic cinematic language and the use of allegoric narratives. Tsivopoulos’ art practice is driven by an interest in the social, political and economic aspects that determine the production and use of images in the mediated world we live in. Tsivopoulos has materialized projects in many different countries including Turkey, Germany, Spain, Serbia, the Netherlands, United States and his home country Greece. His films are presented extensively in both art museums and film festivals around the world. In 2013, he represented Greece in the 55th Venice Biennial with his acclaimed, multifaceted video installation History Zero.

Kindness Official Selection at the CINEMART IFFR

Feature Expanded Development Award

Feature Expanded 2016 Awards: The winner of Feature Expanded Development Award, is Stefanos Tsivopoulos with the film project Kindness: "This film is a mature project with well thought out subject matter, and will definitely benefit from our script development award with great potential for character development".